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Engineering Services Industry 2018 financial performance

Data from Stats NZ ranks Engineering Services 11th highest surplus before income tax of 68 industries in 2018

categoryFirst PositionEngineering Services PositionLast Position >$0
surplus before income taxFinancial Asset Investing
Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing
total incomeGrocery, Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling
Clothing, Knitted Products and Footwear Manufacturing
surplus per employee countFinancial Asset Investing
Food and Beverage Services
total income per employee countPetroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing
Food and Beverage Services

the complete data set csv file can be downloaded from the Stats NZ website

here is a summary table:

Industry Namesurplus before income tax NZD$mtotal income NZD$msurplus per employee count NZD$total income per employee count NZD$
Advertising, Market Research and Management Services4621191412300316900
Auxiliary Finance and Insurance Services18186714110600408400
Banking and Financing9116330502898001050600
Basic Chemical and Basic Polymer Manufacturing17620431012001173500
Basic Material Wholesaling114522610540001067500
Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing533622251900606900
Building Cleaning, Pest Control and Other Support Services3163851790095900
Civil, Professional and Other Interest Groups438300428100193100
Clothing, Knitted Products and Footwear Manufacturing4852714800162600
Commission Based Wholesaling261100682900319500
Computer System Design and Related Services785901224100276600
Construction Services27152493729500271400
Dairy Cattle Farming17461353769200536400
Department Stores208483710600247800
Electronic and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing443408337300343600
Employment and Other Administrative Services51371617200100100
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing603661523900261900
Fertiliser and Pesticide Manufacturing104180857500998000
Financial Asset Investing251133300541588005465800
Food and Beverage Services57011252450088000
Forestry and Logging287272985596001421800
Furniture Manufacturing122128221000220800
Furniture, Electrical and Hardware Retailing7321390219500370400
Gambling Activities6574442113900770100
Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling75233951338001526200
Health and General Insurance575649480100903900
Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction6731272219400366500
Heritage and Artistic Activities133101224400185300
Horticulture and Fruit Growing854443234600179700
Legal and Accounting Services1888664155400195000
Life Insurance82337959011004156000
Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling11172085334100637500
Machinery Manufacturing391457924300285100
Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling44410426533001250100
Non-Financial Asset Leasing4471194273500730600
Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing392348440900363300
Non-Residential Building Construction-2888703-23100697300
Non-Residential Property Operation96732187115653003539300
Non-Store and Commission Based Retailing58167214800426000
Other Goods Wholesaling9351575738400647100
Other Manufacturing5966619500220600
Personal Care, Funeral and Other Personal Services261226813500117700
Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing1198116148832008558900
Pharmaceutical and Other Store Based Retailing285575611300227600
Pharmaceutical, Cleaning and Other Chemical Manufacturing185189139400403800
Polymer Product and Rubber Product Manufacturing407378832900306100
Postal and Courier Pick Up and Delivery Services188231717200212600
Poultry, Deer and Other Livestock Farming277211145200344600
Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing2535295200731400
Pulp, Paper and Converted Paper Product Manufacturing229334946100674300
Real Estate Services974451186800401700
Recreational, Clothing, Footwear and Personal Accessory Retailing309622010000202200
Rental and Hiring Services (except Real Estate)835534565400418600
Repair and Maintenance436574715600205000
Residential Building Construction11411583541500576000
Road Transport697906617600228700
Scientific, Architectural and Engineering Services1234977330200239200
Sheep, Beef Cattle and Grain Farming18351155586100542300
Sport and Recreation Activities239310110300133300
Textile and Leather Manufacturing71168013100310600
Transport Equipment Manufacturing306374424000294000
Transport Support Services1175534564200292200
Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services108100614800137500
Veterinary and Other Professional Services177156522800201800
Warehousing and Storage Services141112228600228100
Wood Product Manufacturing279555616200323100

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