The future of manufacturing is in IT, and then outer-space!

Jeff Bezos wants heavy industry to relocate to outer-space and operate under solar power, leaving earth to focus on environmentally constructive activities. There are obvious challenges to overcome first, but it sounds like a grand idea and Jeff certainly has the means to help it happen.

In the meantime both heavy and light industry engineers are focusing efforts on R&D to upgrade legacy systems with best-in-class solutions. This focus is driven by the need to remain competitive and relevant in the global market. Engineering R&D is now more critical than ever to survive the Great Lockdown recession we are entering, something not experienced since the Great Depression of the early 1930’s.

Our future machines will have tiny physical footprints. They will consume minimal, if any, energy, water and labor. They will produce zero emmissions and waste. They will self-diagnose, self-correct, self-maintain and self-improve while operating faster. Tomorrows machines will order their own spare parts direct from the cheapest supplier than can deliver just in time. They will achieve this with high level programming, algorithms and connectivity to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

IIoT is now just as important as the mechanical and electrical formation of a fully optimized machine. Information Technology is now deeply embedded in industrial equipment to achieve a competitive edge and data analysis for continuous productivity improvement.

With the increasing connection to IIoT, the headache of cyber-security is now finding its way to the forefront of every connected industry. NovoTech engineers work closely with hardware suppliers to ensure automation and electical hardware achieves the best-in-class solution for every client including secure connections to IIoT.

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